Made for Mini Jam 55: Stealth

University life is hard but you're almost at the end of the long road. You've aced all of your practical exams and are on your way to a first class degree in Robotics and engineering at  University. There's only 1 problem: you have a mandatory exam on the History of the world that you have to pass and well history is pretty messed up. Luckily you made a drone for your final project and that might just come in handy. But Be careful Professor Coxhouse takes his class seriously and will be on the lookout for any students that may choose to pass his absurdly hard test through any means other than good old fashioned hard work.

How to Play:

Spy on your peers' exam answers by hovering over them and holding Enter / Space. Move around with the Arrow Keys but don't get caught!

Answer all 10 questions to win before every other student finishes! Record extra material before answering a question to get bonus marks! 

You can't record forever! Head back to your desk and press Enter / Space to dock and reset your capacity!

Press Escape to Quit at any time!


Concept & Development: Faisal Amin

Implementation: Zac McAllister

Sprite Art: Stewthepooh at &

Bakground Art: Bexio Jackson

Music: Sean Cairns at

We used a variety of sound effects which can be found here:

Pageturn -

Level complete -

Caught -


Drone-cam Exam Scam - Windows 18 MB

Install instructions

Play in the browser or download and unzip the file. Run the Application in the folder.

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